Behind the scenes


Behind the scenes

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Curious about our jobs and how things really work at MCC Verstraete? Our colleagues are happy to take you behind the scenes!

Working in printing

Our printing presses are operated by Press Operators and a Press Assistants. 

For each printing order, a Press Assistant makes sure to timely supply all the needed materials for the printing process: from the polypropylene (which is the raw material we print on) over the inks and lacquers. He/she assists the Press Operator in preparing the print run and makes sure everything runs smoothly during the process as well. In his turn, the Press Operator has to ensure the high quality printing of the in mold labels and operates the machine and software to guarantee the perfect result. In order to do that successfully, good communication and teamwork netween Press Operator and Press Assistant is crucial.

Did you know that we provide you with a profound on-the-job training when starting off as in our printing department?

John Hayes

Started my Printing Apprenticeship back in 1984. Thirty-Eight years later, I’m still here. Happy with my decision to pursue a job in print, and proud of my lifelong career and partnership with MCC Verstraete Australia." 

John Hayes, printer

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Sandu explains how he experiences his traineeship with MCC Verstraete.

Technisch operator bij MCC Verstraete

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